Vintage Wedding Photography


Just a quick post today about vintage wedding photography. ¬†Now and then I get clients requesting a few vintage type photos which I am more than happy to do as I love the style. ¬†It has to be the right style of photo, but as there is a growing trend towards the DIY type wedding the vintage style of photography suits it well, hence it’s popularity. ¬†So with that in mind I went and created a few vintage montages out of a recent wedding we did at the Mansion in roundhay park, Leeds.
From a photography point of view, and I still get a few photographers visiting, (they aren’t all brides & cold calling advertising companies you know), the processing isn’t too difficult, you have to have a good shot to begin with, typically a low depth of field (fast glass) as the processing won’t really make up for a bad photo (out of focus, poor composition etc) ¬†There are loads of presets and actions out there which are a good starting point. ¬†They all focus on reducing your contrast, usually by tweaking tone curves and doing a bit of colour shifting (split toning in LR). ¬†Textures are also an important part of the vintage effect, overlaying an interesting texture at about 60% opacity can create some great photos. ¬†Again there are loads of textures already out there (on the internet) or you can go out and take shots of brick walls, planks and burnt paper, anything with a bit of texture. ¬†This is where Lightroom falls a little short as the blending of the texture has to be done in photoshop. ¬†Flickr has great examples of photography processed in a vintage style, plus you can always ask the photographer for any tips or join any groups¬†discussing¬†it. ¬†Anyway I must get back to processing more wedding photos!! ¬†Thanks for looking folks.