Blea Tarn in the Lake District

I was up in the Lake District over the weekend for a bit of walking and a few landscape photographs. As we were round Ambleside I decided to try Blea Tarn as it has fantastic views of the Langdales and I hadn’t got a photo of the location I was really happy with. Unfortunately this time was no exception! I went to get the late afternoon light on the mountains and use Blea Tarn as my foreground. A lot of other photographers turned up but the dramatic light did not. 

After a few frames at the tarn I decided to concentrate on one of the snow covered fells to the south. This was more because the skies were starting to look really black and angry, I had hoped we would get a small break and get some light coming through at Wrynose Pass but I just had the black skies and the snowy fell (which might be Wetherlam but not 100% sure). I darkened them a little with a graduated filter, something I love to do with a dark sky and used a few rocks as foreground. The composition of the fell was probably a little central but the sky was quite a large feature of the image so it needed a bit of space, this is also sometimes a good idea as text can be added to this area if it gets picked up for any magazine type work.

Not the most successful of outings but you have to be there to get the images and you can’t be fortunate all the time! The next day was glorious and would have been ideal for sunrise but we had decided to go for a walk over Wansfell pike and I only had my iPhone for photos there! Thanks for looking everyone.