Wedding Photography Black and Whites

Wedding Photography Black and White

As a wedding photographer I am often asked by clients if I supply images in black and white? My eyes light up as I love producing black and whites, I personally feel people just look better in black and white but I also appreciate the client is always right and if I forced BW’s on every client I wouldn’t be getting much business! When I give the couple their images I always include a few of the best shots in black and white but I also give them the colour versions as well then they get the best of both worlds. How come you don’t do all the images in both versions? Well this brings me on to my next point.

Black and Whites aren’t just converted at the touch of a button, of course they can be and some wedding photographers do batch processes where the images are just converted to BW with no input other than clicking ‘run process’ I prefer to be a little more bespoke when converting photos to black and white. An example would be if I had a photo of the happy couple under a nice blue sky and converted it to black and white what colour would the sky end up? It could be Black, White or any shade of grey in between, these are processing choices you let the photographer choose, and he should as you have hired them to produce the best images of your wedding possible. If there is no input from the photographer you usually just get a bit of a bland, low contrast, grey photo with little impact, I see these all the time and as a black and white enthusiast it gets to me a bit.

It wouldn’t be very professional to get another photographers black and white, process it how I would and post it here so the examples below are from one of the weddings I covered a while back. The first shot (above) is a simple quick conversion to black and white with minimal input from the photographer processing the shot. The second shot (left) is how I typically process my black and white shots, in my opinion it has a lot more impact as it has more contrast (but not too much) it has a slight warming in the shadows and a nice vignette to really draw the eye in.

It isn’t to say these processes can’t be automated to some extent, they can, but the extra work in my opinion is worth it to create a great image instead of a photo that could be better. Of course this is all subjective and there is no right answer, if you prefer colour images anyway none of this is really applicable but if you do like some of you images in black and white it’s good to know that there is more effort than you may have thought when producing a good black and white.  Here is a link to my black and white wedding photography gallery if you want to see any more examples of this.  Thanks for looking folks!

Wedding Photography Black and Whites

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