Autumn Photos at Beaumont Park Huddersfield

We went out at the weekend to the lovely beaumont park in Huddersfield to get some shots of our little boy in these fantastic autumn colours.

Little boy sat down smiling with autumn leaves behind

These autumn colours are gone so fast it is important to catch them while you can so if the weather is good (ie not raining!) and everyone is free it is a good idea to get out and get some shots as the kids don't stay like this for long!

Toddler and his mum in a park in autumn

We managed to get a couple with his mum, which, I'm sure, she will love me for immortalising on the internet!! Unfortunately as children this age often are, he wasn't 100% cooperative with posing. This isn't a huge deal when you are out and about as there are always things to play with and investigate which usually makes for the more natural type photos anyway.

Mother and son running in the autumn leaves

For anyone interested in how to get these on your phone or camera, if you have white balance (WB) settings put them to something warm like cloudy or shade and this will increase the warmth to really bring out those nice autumn colours. I tend to overexpose by a small amount as well to make the images nice and light as shots in parks and woodlands can sometimes underexpose and look a bit dark and dingy.

Little boy climbing rocks in a park in Huddersfield

As always folks if you want to keep up to date with the goings on, please check out my Facebook page. We have offers on photo vouchers from time to time, especially in the run up to Christmas and there is even a competition to win some free vouchers running at the moment. I'm also on instagram if that's your jam! Thanks for looking everyone and enjoy the rest of these fab autumn colours!

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