Emley Moor Mast

A quick landscape photography post about one of my favourite landscape photo subjects, the Emley moor Mast. I love getting shots of this pretty unique landmark in various conditions. These two were from a landscape commission a while back and I thought the panoramic format really helped emphasise the wide view of all the woods and fields under the mast. I also like getting the drone up there for a few unique shots from time to time.

Emley moor mast in Winter

Both of these shots are actually stitches of about 7 or 8 images taken and stitched together with quite a long lens, If I recall I was at about 200mm which is pretty zoomed in and not how I usually get my landscapes but was pleased with the end result. This also means it's great for enlarging, I had one panoramic blown up to about 20 feet and is in a shop near Gretna Green (randomly, not this shot, one of my scottish landscapes)

Emley moor mast Landscape Photography

Ideally I need to get an autumnal and maybe a spring version of this shot at some point too! Anyway thank you for dropping by to see these and if you want to make a few comments please do so, love to start a dialogue!

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