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Headshot Photos in Huddersfield

I was contacted during lockdown by a lovely choreographer called Lucy who was after some headshot photos and other professional photos for her profile. A lot of creative professionals often need a few great images to give to prospective clients just showing the sort of things they do. In this case Lucy was planning, organising and demonstrating dance routines and wanted a few images to reflect this. I jumped at the chance as it was a little different to the family photography and wedding photos that I usually do.

I had a blast doing these, pretty much done in and hour, all nice and relaxed and Lucy was an absolute star. I'd also like to thank Natalie from ND studios which are a dance studio in Honley near Huddersfield, she's a fab teacher and if you are looking at getting your kids into dancing she is well worth a look.

Thanks for looking everyone, love taking on projects like this so if you think you might be after a few headshots to promote yourself or your work online or in print, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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