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Photography for local businesses

I've recently been trying to do a bit more photography for local businesses, usually fairly small companies that don't have huge budgets but are aware of the role that good images can play in promoting themselves through channels fuch as facebook and instagram. I love doing this sort of thing as it's always varied and challenging and just a bit different to traditional portrait photography.

I was recently at a new Dance school in Huddersfield called ND studios getting a few images of the classes, just to show things like the age ranges and the different types of classes on offer. Quick side note, Natalie was great at showcasing all the kids skills in various forms of dance and they really enjoy themselves whilst getting active and learning key skills such as discipline, self expression and imagination.

Anyway here are a few examples of the images from the session, would love to hear from other similar businesses in the Huddersfield or Wakefield area that might be interested in getting a few images for their libraries to use in either social media and websites or traditional printed media. Thanks for looking everyone!

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