Photography Studio in Wakefield

I've been out getting the last of the autumn colours recently and as the weather starts to get cold (and wet!) I am reminded that we can take photos indoors! At my very own home based photography studio in Wakefield!

Family photography in Wakefield

It's always handy to use the studio for family portrait photography when the weather is just too cold, or dark or just plain bad!

Photography studio in Wakefield

It's always nice and relaxed and I usually get the fire on in winter so I do love taking these nice family photos especially when the kids are really into having a bit of fun.

Family Photography Studio in Wakefield

Just popping up a few examples of the nice relaxed shots I try and get at these sessions. I tend to just send the clients all the images straight away for them to pick in their own time with no pressure to choose or anything like that. I remember hearing of studios literally threatening to rip up photos if folk didn't want to buy them and it just seemed like a really bad way of doing things. Once decided upon they send me their picks which I then go and edit and send them the full versions. Portrait photography prices depend on how many they pick, and it works out cheaper on a per image basis the more they pick. Open and transparent pricing is how I like it and I think customers do too.

Natural family photography at our studio in Wakefield

We also sell photography vouchers that are great gifts to give to loved ones, especially around christmas time. If this is something anyone is interested in please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Photography studio Wakefield

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