Yorkshire Landscape Photography, on my doorstep anyway

My first Landscape photography post on my new blog! I had a load of landscape photography blog posts on the old site but unfortunately they didn't survive the migration so I'm hoping to revive a few of them and write a bit about them. This post is more about a few of the local landscapes within a few miles of where I live. I do love seeing photos of Yosemite and far flung places but I do believe folk can get out and take good landscape photos pretty much on their doorsteps if the conditions are right! (and you have the gear, knowledge, sheer will and all that!). I'm looking at doing a few basic landscape photography workshops where I go out and help novices and enthusiasts with how to shoot better landscape photos, think that would be quite fun.

So with that said here are some of my favourite local Yorkshire landscapes with a few miles of the studio.

Castle Hill in Huddersfield at Sunset
Tree silhouette at sunrise
Farmers Field in Yorkshire at Sunset
Black and White landscape photo of a path through a field
Tree in a yellow field in Wakefield
Long exposure Landscape photo of a tree near Wakefield
Silhouette of Sandal Castle near Wakefield
Landscape Photography of Emley Moor Mast at Sunset
Landscape photo of a wheat field before the rain at sunset

Thanks for looking folks, hope it inspires you to get your cameras out and go take some landscapes, maybe I'll tag come along with you!

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