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In the continuing redevelopment of my website I've been looking back at some of my commercial photography work and thought I would post a few as they do bring back fond memories. I love doing these kind of shoots as they tend to be a bit of a break from weddings and portraits but I also enjoy the challenge of producing beautiful images companies and individuals can use on a commercial basis. These commercial works are usually produced for small businesses and individuals who are looking for promotional material for their websites or social media channels and I love the direction some of these go down. Anyway I thought I'd post a few but there is also a link to my commercial gallery if folk want to have a look at some of my other work in this field.

Product photography on a white background
Product photography of kitchenware on a white background taken in a studio

Nice simple clean product photography on white background. These are simple enough to do in the studio and produce great images for websites selling their products. Really enjoy doing still life photos like this.


Commercial photography of toys taken in a tunnel
Commercial photography in Yorkshire by Pete Barnes

This was a great project I did for a company wanting some images of these cute little Danbo figures. I had done some personal project photos of these things and a communications company commissioned me to get a load of images with them. It was great fun and most of these were only lit with an off camera flash and a small softbox. I recall it didn't smell too great mind, I got this in the tunnel at Granary wharf in Leeds.


Landscape photo of a ruined building and a tree under a cloudy sky
Landscape photo of a ruined building and a tree under a cloudy sky

I got this one ages ago and it still is one of my favourite photos. It was actually picked up by the open university to use on the cover of one of it's literature textbooks as the ruin is apparently where the mansion in 'Wuthering Heights' was based.


Well thanks for looking at some of those, I will post a few more of these 'from the vault' photos as I do enjoy how simple the blogging is on my new platform and it is lovely to recollect a few of my earlier shots. Thanks for looking folks, if anyone wants to comment below, please do, always keen for feedback!

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